Donny Parks is a Hip-Hop and R&B artist who has clever and lyrical vocals and instrumentals that tend to lean into the melodic vibe and pocket.” - BuriedTresureTracks


Donny Parks

An artist on all spectrums

Who is Donny Parks?

In the city of Charlotte, NC, JaVon Synclair Hopkins grew up surrounded by hip-hop culture, spirituality and a true inspiration and passion for politics. As a child, JaVon was born and lived in Memphis, TN with his parents. Seeking a better opportunity for growth and development, his family moved to North Carolina in the midst of JaVon’s childhood. To escape the pressures and stress of life, he gradually discovered an aptitude for creating and writing short stories, poems, and lyrism. Balancing a passion for politics as well as a love for music, JaVon began writing music and songs for his friends as he was working on political campaigns, writing speeches and volunteering with local political offices. He began to create an identity unique and freeing him to explore the true path and lane his life led him to and thus: The true birth of Donny Parks. 

In 2015, at the age of 17, Donny began creating and releasing his own music. Going through name changes and style switches, Donny continued to master his unique sound of a balance of intrinsic screenplay level story-telling lyrism, hypnotic melodies and pop-influenced cadences. Then in 2021, Donny released his first official single: Honest Thoughts. Around the same time, he began to work closely with college (Wingate University) football teammate/friend now producer: Prolific. The duo went on to release a slew of singles until later that year when they dropped their first EP: Disparity. While these releases merely hinted at the potential of the “rookie” artist, it sparked the commitment to the dream of being a force in the music industry for the duo. Donny then began recording every day to create the combination and collection of music as seen in 2022 with the release of his second EP: The Blame Falls on Me and 2023 with his debut album: A Walk in the Park. Still seeking to find “music’s perfection”, Donny and Prolific continue to work and master their sounds, styles and image and only the future can tell what is to come for the exciting young artist...


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