Get your ticket to Spectrum Park!!!

Greetings and welcome to the beautiful, the wonderful, the most beloved and important place to our dear friend Donny... The one, the only: Spectrum Park! The only place in the world where it seems that life moves just as fast and as crazy as our roller coasters! Built in 1997, this place has seen it changes and renovations throughout the decades, but still keeps those same ole classic feelings, themes, and rides that stuck with you and Donny since y'all first came as kids! :) Come and join our dear friend Donny as he prepares for his trip for a day at Spectrum. It seems that a lot has been on our good friend's mind since the last time that he's been here and I think he needs someone to walk and talk with. You know.. its been a while since you came and seen Spectrum too right?!? You aren't seeming the same since I last saw you now that I think about it, are you feeling? Is life throwing you through the loops & hoops and do you feel like its an up and down journey just to walk through this crazy thing we call love, relationships, friendships, self-esteem, adulthood and just plain ole life itself? Yeah... I think you should definitely catch up with Donny then while you guys are heading to Spectrum... I think y'all can relate and cheer each other up cause remember... "Spectrum Park is the place for a happy face!" ;)